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We don't have the death penalty here in Britain, but I've given the situation a lot of thought. I'm not sure that death sentence is a great thing, but in Britain we have the problem of criminals being let out early for "good behavior" and are back on the streets to do exactly what they were jailed for. It's not hard to act like you've repented, right? If you're that desperate to get out of prison? And some people aren't even sentenced well in the first place. It's like "oh, you killed three people with a crowbar, have 8 years". WTF?! And then, as I said, you can get out in like 5 or 6 if you pretend you're sorry. So I like when I read about crimes and sentencing in the US and people are getting like 50, 100, 180 years in prison, i.e. a LIFE sentence, where it's not possible to get out before you die. In Britain, a "life" sentence means 20, 25 years maximum, never minimum. But I don't think I could ever be okay with the death penalty. I know miscarriages of justice are not that common, but I couldn't handle the risk. And in the end, if the sentencing were done well, i.e. giving criminals an actual life sentence as promised, rotting away behind bars is punishment enough for me (well, we won't even get started with those prisons that have PS3s and the like, that's another story).


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