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Okay, so I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

5 things I love?
1. It's so diverse, you get so many different people here that it's such an adventure meeting people.
2. It's such a big place, so there are so many things to do.
3. University of Glasgow. The campus is sooo beautiful (I've been meaning to get pics up for a long time) and the tuition itself is awesome.
4. Bands I like actually play here. Only really 2 or 3, but still.
5. The Necropolis is pretty awesome (I've never been inside, but I've driven past many times). A photoshoot in there must be done at some point - the beauty of the place gives me goosebumps.

Things I hate?
1. The crime - you hear about people being murdered not far away from where you live, and at the beginning of the academic year a girl was raped in a street right next to my flat. It was Freshers' Week, and the girl's first year at uni.
2. It's such a big place. Hey, I know I said this already as something I love, but it can be annoying knowing something is in your city but is so far away.
3. It rains a lot, haha. Sometimes I really love the rain, and being outside in it, but at the rate Glasgow rains, you're just sick of having to wear suitable footwear for wet weather.
4. It can sometimes get a bit intimidating spending all your time in a big, busy city.
5. Some people in the street are REALLY creepy. (This isn't a common occurence that I come across creepy people, but I really can't think of another thing I hate about the place, and some people just are creepy, lol.)

I used to live in Perth, Scotland (and still do when it's not term-time, i.e. now). How does it compare to Glasgow? Well, it's nice having family around and getting to see them every day, but the population here is only about 45,000. There aren't enough people here to create a strong enough diversity, and I just can't find anyone here I have any kind of connection with. There isn't much to do here (one cinema, one museum, for example) and so many times when I'm out and about I bump into people I used to know, and hate it. Nice time to hone my creativity though, being here, lol.


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